Moving On Up: Elevator Shoes For Women

Why I Wear Elevator Shoes

Posted by Rachel on October 5, 2014

Buying Height Increasing Shoes Online

When it comes to shoes, women know there are a myriad of different things that can make a pair perfect. Whether it is the style, the color, the fit or the brand, knowing you have the right shoes can make everything better. Now you can add another factor to the perfect shoe. For many women out there, elevator shoes make a stylish, comfortable fitting shoe even better by adding some additional height in a less visible way. There are a number of reasons that wanting to get a little extra height can be valuable. Whether it is simply for increased confidence or you'd like to be seen as simply a bit more noticeable, the increased height of elevator shoes can help.

In The Workplace

Numerous studies of psychological pairing have shown over the years that taller individuals who command more space are seen as more authoritative. If you feel as though your shorter height is limiting your presence as an authoritative leader with a take-hold demeanor, utilizing elevator shoes can provide you that extra lift you need (literally!).

At Your Wedding

While many women will claim they are indifferent to the height difference between themselves and their partner, a very noticeable difference can make important photographs harder to accomplish. On your wedding day, those close-up portraits will be that much more intimate when you have eliminated a bit of the height difference between you and your partner.


Sure, those first two examples are scenario-specific opportunities where elevator shoes can come in handy but the truth is that with that boost of height can come a realistic boost in your confidence and, with that on your side, you may find that any occasion is a good occasion to utilize elevator shoes. And since elevator shoes continue to be produced in newer styles and colors by all sorts of brands, you won't be limited to obtuse, clunky shoes that have the fashion sense of a pair of Kleenex boxes on your feet.


So regardless of your reasoning for wanting to add a little bit of well disguised height to your stature, taking advantage of elevator shoes can make a positive difference for you. With how well styled these shoe types are developed, it will be up to you to decide who knows and who doesn't!