Getting Your College Degree Online

Deciding Which Online College Is The Best Choice For You

Posted by Rachel on November 21, 2014

Choosing The Right Online College For You

Although there are many colleges and universities that offer distant learning, there are five reputable and accredited online colleges you may want to carefully consider. According to, these are Kaplan University, Ashford University, Walden University, Liberty University, and American Intercontinental Universitya>.

If you are undecided about which online college is best for you, your best option is to choose a college that is reputable and accredited. The five reputable and colleges mentioned above are not only accredited, but offer convenient ways to earn a degree compared to a traditional college. These include flexibility to do your coursework, delivery of instruction, interaction with instructors, and most importantly, the costs.

Kaplan University offers programs in the fields of Arts, Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information systems, Technology, Legal Studies, and Law. Ashford University offers degrees in Business, Education, Health, Human Services, Sciences, and Liberal Arts. Walden University offers more than 15 online bachelor's degree programs and 55 different concentrations from which to choose. Liberty University offers 70 majors and specializations to include Aeronautics, Philosophy, Religion, English, Worship and Music Ministry, Business, and Criminal Justice. American Intercontinental University offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in numerous fields.

Online programs of study must be planned, goal-oriented, and followed carefully to ensure success. The following are a list of resourceful websites that can give you helpful information as you begin your journey of online learning.

There are numerous benefits about choosing one college over another, however, each college or university offers unique programs and benefits which may be suited on an individual basis. Be sure to do some research on your online college or university of choice prior to enrolling. Most importantly, remember to check if your institution is accredited and how favorable are employers willing to hire a candidate (you) with an obtained online diploma in your chosen field. Once you enroll, keep handy your institution's contact information and directory, and seek new financial aid opportunities. There are many benefits of seeking an online education, but there are also many challenges. Knowing your options and following a solid plan can be a rewarding experience as you journey into a higher education online.